Film Music House is the destination for the intersection of Film and Music

Join a vibrant community of composers and filmmakers as they connect over their love of storytelling through visuals and music.

From soundtracks to songs, the Film Music House provides programming featuring workshops and panels with show creators, music supervisors, music executives, songwriters, and composers.

Get What You Give: The Rewards of Music Mentorship

With Carlos Rafael Rivera and Lolita Ritmanis

Hiring a Composer: What Showrunners, Music Executives and Music Supervisors Are Looking For

With Thomas Golubic, Colleen Fitzpatrick, and Steve Yockey

Because Songwriting Is What? Fun-da-men-tal!

With Freddy Scott, Leland, and Curtis Moore

Fine Tuning: Preparing Piano for Production

With Volker Bertelmann and Leo Wyatt (Spitfire Audio)

Write What You Know: Applying Your Personal Skills to Film Scoring

With Laura Karpman

Mother Nature’s Song: Composing for the Wild World

With Ilan Eshkeri, Raphaelle Thibaut, and Louise Boyle (The Independent)

Myth and Music: Exploring the World-building Scores of Jupiter’s Legacy and Servant

With Trevor Gureckis, Stephanie Economou, and Charles Steinberg (Under The Radar)

Getting Centered: A Guide to Creative Meditation

With Reza Safinia

Breakfast with Richard: Composer Agent Musings

With Richard Kraft

Finding the Right Tone: How Music Influences Storytelling

With Miriam Cutler

Put Your Best Cape Forward: Crafting Heroic Main Title Theme

With Jeremy Turner

Making an Impact: Scoring for Docuseries

With Wendy Blackstone, Nainita Desai, Osei Essed, and Matthew Wang

Sotto Voce: Strings and Lyrics as a Character’s Voice

With Lili Haydn and Starr Parodi

Music in Color: Scoring Animated Series

With Kevin Kiner, Dino Meneghin, and Julie & Steven Bernstein