Summer 2021

Music in Color: Scoring Animated Series

With Kevin Kiner, Dino Meneghin, and Julie & Steven Bernstein

Sotto Voce: Strings and Lyrics as a Character’s Voice

With Lili Haydn and Starr Parodi

Making an Impact: Scoring for Docuseries

With Wendy Blackstone, Nainita Desai, Osei Essed, and Matthew Wang

Put Your Best Cape Forward: Crafting Heroic Main Title Theme

With Jeremy Turner

Finding the Right Tone: How Music Influences Storytelling

With Miriam Cutler

Breakfast with Richard: Composer Agent Musings

With Richard Kraft

Getting Centered: A Guide to Creative Meditation

With Reza Safinia

Myth and Music: Exploring the World-building Scores of Jupiter’s Legacy and Servant

With Trevor Gureckis, Stephanie Economou, and Charles Steinberg (Under The Radar)

Mother Nature’s Song: Composing for the Wild World

With Ilan Eshkeri, Raphaelle Thibaut, and Louise Boyle (The Independent)

Write What You Know: Applying Your Personal Skills to Film Scoring

With Laura Karpman